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In recent years more and more families have become aware of the long term benefits of having a trampoline in their garden - children never seem to lose their enthusiasm for them, and parents are finding a new form of fun exercise. However, as there are now so many people using trampolines these days, it is perhaps inevitable that accidents, although actually very rare, becomes more of a concern to parents. Here at airbounce.co.uk we are very keen to promote trampoline safety, and our sales team is always on hand to advise, help and support our customers in this respect. The most important thing to remember is to make sure that children understand the simple rules of how to avoid accidents when using a trampoline. In addition, the use of a safety net can provide a second line of defence against a particular type of trampoline accident - falling off. Here we try to explain some of the issues that may help customers to decide which safety net enlcosure is necessary for them.

What is a Trampoline Safety Net?
A Safety Net, sometimes called a trampoline enclosure or fun ring etc, is a circular net, that fits around your trampoline and prevents you falling off your trampoline. Although there are many safety net models available, quality does vary quite considerably, and is not always related to price.

How does a Trampoline Safety Net prevent accidents?
The primary function of a Safety Net is to stop anyone falling off a trampoline. Accidents on trampolines are, in fact, very rare. The types of accidents that result in injury are usually not related to falls on the trampoline bed or the part of the pads covering the springs, but to falls onto the outer circular rail, and falls onto the ground around the trampoline. Falls off the trampoline are more dangerous if the ground around the trampoline is not free of obtructions (eg chairs, bikes, walls etc), or if the ground is particularly hard (eg stone patios). The likelihood of such accidents increases if children are not aware of safety rules, such as not jumping too close to the edge, not trying advanced moves, such as somersaults, and using the trampoline one person at time.

What are the benefits of a Safety Net?
Without a Safety Net, the level of supervision required by parents increases. It is not uncommon to see parents standing each side of a trampoline, with their hearts in their mouths as their little three-year old joyfully runs round the edge of trampoline in complete gay abandon. This can be very stressful for parents, which can even sometimes spoil the fun your child is having. If you fit a safety net, parental supervision is still advised, however you will notice that, as a parent, stress levels will reduce dramatically. Another benefit of a trampoline enclosure is that it enables you to do more on your trampoline, giving you more confidence to try out new manoeuvers.

Are all Safety Nets the same?
No - the quality of trampoline safety enclosures does vary quite considerably. Almost all mid-range and upwards safety nets available today are capable of preventing children and adults from falling off the trampoline, not all are capable of preventing the another type of potentially dangerous accident - falling onto the outer rail. The outer rail is the circular bar on the trampoline frame to which the trampoline springs are attached. Although this part of the frame is usually covered by the trampoline pads, it is usually the hardest part of the trampoline on which it is possible to fall. We therefore recommend trampoline safety nets that are held INSIDE the circumference of the outer rail, so that the chances of falling onto the outer rail are greatly reduced. Budget safety nets are often NOT constructed in this way - the net is often hung directly onto the vertical enclosure poles, outside the outer rail, and making a fall onto the outer rail unpreventable. Worse, with this type of budget construction, you have the additional risk of falling onto the safety-net metal poles themselves!

Which Safety Nets do you recommend?
We recommend trampoline enclosures whose net is held off the enclosure frame, since this is a safer design. Our favourite safety net is the JumpKing Safety Enclosure - not only from a safety aspect, but also because it represents particularly good value for money, and blends well into the garden too!. The frame looks like a series of upside down "U"'s, giving greater strength, and preventing the vertical poles from bending inwards over time. The net is held off the frame, and away from the outer rail, making it safer than earlier safety net designs. In fact, the net on this model actually comes inside the padding, which increases safety even further (and, yes, protects the pads too!). The quality of the netting itself is also good (some nets tend to use a particularly rough type of netting that does't look or feel nice at all). Also, the colour of this safety net is black, which is a very good colour if you want your trampoline to blend well into the garden, and not be too imposing.

Are your Safety Nets compatible with my trampoline?
All our safety nets are compatibtle wil all 10, 12 and 14 foot outdoor trampolines that have a standard leg construction - ie 8 vertical legs (4 sets of leg pairs). You will rarely see trampolines with 6 leg pairs, but these non-standard trampolines are generally not very sought after anyway. All you need to do is select the correct diameter - a 14ft Safety Net is suitable for a 14ft trampoline (in this case, 14ft is the overall diameter, including the pads).

Is a Safety Net easy to fit?
All our trampoline safety nets bolt onto the vertical legs poles on your trampoline. This is a simple assembly operation, and no special tools (or strength!) is required. Fitting usually takes about 40 minutes.

More information?
If you are interested in purchasing a trampoline safety net, and are looking for more information before you finalise your choice, please do feel free to speak to an expert buy calling us on UK +44 (0)1449 763 120


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